Digital marketing is eating the world. We’ve passed peak TV, and mobile and desktop ads are now over 30% of global advertising spend.

That means, though, that close to 70% of advertising dollars are still spent on traditional media.

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Marketing is not an island. Truly valuable (to their companies) marketers aren’t focused on marketing metrics such as increased web traffic, low cost per clicks and social shares, they’re focused on contributing to the company’s revenue growth and profitability. And to do that they need to work closely with sales. Continue reading

When trying to improve the search ranking of your website pages keep in mind that Google looks at two major types of influences: off-page and on-page factors. While it’s easier and faster to change on-page factors by posting great content, adding appropriate tags, etc., the off-page factors are more powerful. Continue reading

Many people equate marketing with advertising and promotion. But marketing’s most important role is in understanding the customer and their needs, desires and motivations and working with others in the company to help create the products and services that they’ll pay for. As Seth Godin says, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
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Want to double your leads? If I was asked to double the number of leads that a company is getting without spending significant additional money, the first thing I’d look at is conversion optimization, because it’s easier to double the number of leads that you’re getting from the people already coming to your website than it is to double the number of people coming to it.
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