The vast majority of U.S. companies are privately owned. And when owners decide to sell, they often find that their company doesn’t elicit bids as high as what they want to sell it for. One SMB M&A specialist recently told me that half or more of her clients overestimate the sale value of their company. What’s an owner to do? Continue reading

The evening after Donald Trump was elected president, Teresa Shook got some friends near her home on Maui to show her how to create an event on Facebook. Although usually not very political, she was so upset with Trump’s election that she decided that there should be a march on Washington after the inauguration to protest it. When she went to bed she already had about 40 people coming and 40 maybes. When she woke the next morning it had exploded to 10,000 coming and 10,000 maybes. Continue reading

A few days ago the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that it is closing down. The combined circuses have been operating in one form or another for 146 years.

There was a time when they and other circuses were a big deal, showing their audiences animals and acts from exotic places that they could only dream about. They had a great PR stunt of parading into the town where they were to next perform. Continue reading