Marketing Emotions as a Service

Computers have been crunching massive amounts of data and answering complex questions for years. They now can also read our emotions. Affectiva, in Waltham, is

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Are you on brand?

I was doing video work with IBM one time (many times, actually, but this particular incident only happened once) and my client asked me, “Do

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A special ad from India

It’s December and time for the many year-in-review articles. A recent AdWeek piece featured the 10 most watched ads on YouTube. These aren’t just :15

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You have six months

If you’re leading a company that’s done little into a launching a marketing program, or scaling up an existing one, in my experience you better

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Walmart attempts to rebrand

Walmart has not been known as an innovative company (except operationally, where it has crushed the competition with its supply chain efficiency). “Everyday Low Prices”

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