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I’ve been asking the wrong sales question about revenue growth

When talking to prospects for revenue + associates I’ve been asking, “Are you happy with your rate of revenue growth, or would you like to grow faster?”

While 3 out of 4 small business owners report they don’t want to grow at all, that they’re comfortable at their current size, I’m talking to mid-market companies and […]

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Low usage of modern sales and marketing programs present an industry challenge

The Internet is supposed to be the great leveler. Even the smallest company can compete on the global stage, and many customers won’t even know, or care, how small they are.

But to win you need to compete, and my research indicates that many SMBs aren’t.

I recently did a study of 196 companies with $10M to […]

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The value of a sales and marketing audit

A sales and marketing audit, one of the services that revenue + associates provides, supplies a company with insights into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of its sales and marketing strategy and operations. It can be a valuable first step in a company increasing revenues and profits through measurable improvements in its sales and marketing.

Fundamental to the […]

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