Marketing Strategy Sprint

A Marketing Strategy Sprint is the fastest way to increase your company’s leads and sales.

In just 3-4 weeks we will take you through an in-depth marketing review culminating with a one-day workshop with your senior team to help you:

  • Sharpen your competitive positioning
  • Define your marketing and sales goals
  • Prioritize the best (and most cost-effective) lead generation opportunities
  • Create a 12-month action plan.

In the workshop we will also identify issues that need further discussion going forward.

Within a week following the workshop you will receive a report on the findings and plans developed.

This is what clients are saying about working with revenue & associates president Louis Gudema:

“It was most helpful to us to have the background information as to why the solutions you mentioned are important as it gives us a better understanding of the tasks at hand. Your presentation and report were comprehensive, and we feel empowered to take on this phase of our business with great confidence.” – Steve Hamilton, President, Ugly Baby Soap

“The day was very productive! Louis was a good listener, and he provided thoughtful ideas. For companies that want a low-risk engagement to give their organizations a marketing and sales boost, I would recommend Louis’ services.” – Geoff Birmingham, President, Reflection Films

“Not only is Louis an award-winning strategist, he is rock-solid in his marketing and technology solutions. He really understands the toolbox because he’s done it himself – many times over.” – Rose Eggert, COO, LCD Development

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