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Louis GudemaReady to take your business to the next level? To make 2016 your best year yet?

What are the challenges that you’re facing? They are different for every company, and for every CEO (or president, or partner, or managing director — whatever major leadership role that you play) When I work with a leader we develop a customized approach together to help them successfully deal with their particular situation.

Some of the ways that I work with leaders include helping you:

  • Better understand your customers and what they’ll pay for
  • Analyze the competition and differentiate from it
  • Develop a revenue model and go to market strategy
  • Sharpen your sales and marketing messages
  • Implement demand generation programs
  • Identify and solve weaknesses in your sales process
  • Resolve staff issues
  • Develop budgets and plans
  • Increase sales and profits

As a mentor for small business leaders I bring not only a dozen years of experience in growing my own business nationally before successfully selling it in 2009, but also experience in working in senior roles at three other small companies, mentoring start-ups at MIT, and working for a wide range of companies from start-ups to the Fortune 50 to non-profits.

Unlike some coaches who focus on the psychology of the leader and how that’s impacting performance, I assume that you’re okay. I’m focused on how the business is being run — the strategies, tactics, policies and procedures that can help you execute better.

I’m located in the Boston area. How can I work with executives nationwide? With web conference. Are you using free technology to scale your business?

You’ve read this far. Now let’s talk. How can I help you?

Louis Gudema
President, revenue + associates

How can I help you make your company more successful?