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A revenue + associates Sales and Marketing Opportunity Analysis will supply your company with insights into the strengths, weaknesses and, especially, opportunities of its sales and marketing strategy and operations. It can be a valuable first step in a company increasing revenues through measurable improvements in sales and marketing.

Fundamental to the analysis and its recommendations is our belief that revenue is the responsibility of the entire company. It’s only when all of the company is truly working together to deliver value to customers that sales and marketing have something to promote and sell that customers will buy.

The opportunity analysis begins with conversations and the collection of data organized around 100-plus questions. Major topics of the appraisal can include:

  • Sales and marketing governance
  • The competitive market positioning of the company
  • Customer and buying team personas, customer journey maps — and how well these are understood and acted on by everyone in the two departments (or, in companies with a unified Revenue department, the one department).
  • Goals (metrics and KPIs) for marketing and sales
  • Short- and long-term strategies and plans
  • Processes for marketing and sales
  • Skills gaps
  • Hiring and onboarding of new people
  • Alignment of sales rep compensation with goals
  • Technology, and how it’s used
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Partner channel

And, finally, we believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast. No matter how good the recommendations are, if the culture doesn’t support them they won’t be successfully enacted. So part of our investigation and report is on the sales and marketing culture of the company, and their impact on revenue.

In the report, in the form of a PowerPoint presented to senior management, the emphasis is on prioritizing short-, mid- and long-term opportunities that the company can use to increase revenue — now!