A couple weeks ago I wrote about creating customer personas. These are an important tool in understanding your customers and passing that understanding on to the marketing team.

Don’t create too many personas, though, if you’re just starting out: three to five personas will be plenty, if not too many.

Personas will be behind much of your content strategy as you create different content that speaks to the needs and emotional triggers of each persona – in each stage of their buying cycle. You may be posting ads and social media messages in different places for each persona. Email list segmentation by persona can be critical. And so on.

Maybe in the long run you’ll have the resources and ability to service more than five personas, but when just starting out that will keep you plenty busy. The usual problem is that after creating them many companies don’t actually use their personas to optimize their marketing.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start off with just a few personas.


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