Three years ago in the Super Bowl halftime show one of Katy Perry’s dancers – dressed in a shark costume — seemed to go rogue. “Left shark” immediately became a meme and source of considerable social media conversation.

Super Bowl show with left shark

The dancer, who’d been with Perry for several years, wasn’t fired, though, and now he’s come out of the costume, so to speak.

Bryan Gaw said that he was told to, basically, improvise. He tried out some moves in rehearsal but when the live show happened he went full tilt, “Totally. I’m on a maximum stage.”

Now he proudly lists left shark on his resume. “I don’t get any negative feedback from it. If anything, people are, like, ‘Whoa, that’s so cool!’”

Has any other Super Bowl halftime dancer ever been singled out and talked about?

To gain attention, you have to be different. You can’t just do the same marketing as everyone else in your industry.

Be the left shark.