Louis Gudema, president, founded revenue & associates to help companies significantly increase their revenue through measurable improvements in sales and marketing.

He is an entrepreneur who created Internet marketing agency Magic Hour Communications, oversaw the development of its MagicWand Web CMS, and built Magic Hour into one of the top 3 or 4 companies in its national Web SaaS market before selling it in November, 2009. He’s equally proud that Magic Hour’s diverse workforce was especially known for its customer service.

Louis is a marketer, creating the strategy for, and executing, effective marketing programs that build brands and generate opportunities and revenue.

Louis is a hunter, successfully selling up to $1M engagements to Global 2000 companies, often at the VP level or above, as well as to start-ups, independent schools and colleges, and non-profits. Louis is a sales leader; after the acquisition of Magic Hour by GIM, as VP of Sales & Marketing he totally re-oriented their sales approach and, for example, created a sales playbook and introduced weekly coaching. He brought Salesforce into Magic Hour over a decade ago. A social media early adopter, he uses social selling to research, connect and sell. He is LinkedIn member 58,795 (out of over 300 million), and also active on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube, and the winner of numerous regional, national and international awards. In addition to his blog, he blogs regularly for IDG Connect and Econsultancy.

His sales wins and marketing clients have included IBM, EMC, PTC, Cognos, Philips Healthcare, Partners Healthcare, Genzyme Genetics, Avid Technology, Harte-Hanks, The Boston Globe, Stonyfield, Endeca, Stratus, Houghton Mifflin, Bentley University, Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Miami, Groton School, Horace Mann School, St. Albans School and many others.


revenue & associates assembles teams of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals to serve our clients. Since we offer a wide range of services, from high level audits and strategy to day-to-day implementation of sales and marketing programs, these teams can vary considerably in make-up from client to client. But their experience and skills are consistent, assuring clients of excellent results.

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