While Yelp has 1-5 star ratings, in practice its ratings are:

5 – Amazing; get there tonight

4.5 – Outstanding, not to be missed

4 – Good. Recommended

3.5 – Avoid this.

3 and below – Out of business

Each Yelp star produces considerably more business. And why would you go to a 3 or even 3.5 when there are so many 4-5 rated restaurants around.

Unless the restaurant is owned by Food Network star Guy Fieri.

Low Yelp reviews

Fieri is immensely popular and his restaurants do well even with terrible ratings on Yelp and from critics.

There’s an old saying in marketing, “Nothing kills a poor product faster than great marketing.” For five years the Food Network jetpack has helped Fieri defy gravity. The curiosity factor has outrun the reviews. Maybe someday they will catch up.